Golden Inu Token Releasing New Dashboard

Golden Dashboard Screenshot
Golden Dashboard Screenshot
Golden Dashboard Screenshot

The new memecoin on the BNB Chain is about to release its first major feature.

Since its ICO, the token managed the grow by over 300% in value — and recently was added to popular crypto-listing websites like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

Now, the developers launched a new dashboard app that will allow $GOLDEN investors to follow the assets tokenomics in real-time data.

The “Golden Dashboard” is aimed at creating a more “user-friendly” platform in order to better accommodate cryptocurrency newcomers.

According to a series of tweets by their official Twitter account, the app has the capability of “disrupting the crypto market” by allowing users to easily follow news and data related to their invested currency.

More Updates on The Horizon

The new release is only the first step in Golden Inu’s road to consolidation from a memecoin to a crypto with utility.

According to their whitepaper, the team plans on using the dashboard to implement a crypto portal that also hosts a unique marketplace.

In that space, the devs promise to launch a platform that allows users and companies to buy and sell products in $GOLDEN. On top of that, Golden Inu also plans on launching a unique DeWork platform where users could offers and apply for jobs offered on the dashboard.

If the developers manage to deliver all of these projects in time, the crypto market could see a new memecoin with a small market cap being able to deliver token utility, unlike any others.

Perhaps the most admirable quality of this new project is the fact that, despite being labeled a memecoin, the currency’s main goal is to assemble a democratic community whose’s sole goal is giving the currency real-life utility.

CryptoCoinOpps has already reported on the strong likelihood of 2023 hosting an “alt season”, which is a period during the market where Bitcoin loses some of its dominance over the entire market cap to make space for new projects to flower.

During that period, new projects that are able to prove themselves reliable and useful to the space tend to gain a lot of traction.

However, it remains to be seen how Golden Inu will perform with its planned feature launches.

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