Larry Jones Says Fidelity Investment To Spark Crypto Bull Run In February

Larry Jones of 'Stock Up With Larry Jones' Talking On Fidelity Investments

Larry Jones, host of popular YouTube show “Stock Up! With Larry Jones” (SUWLJ) has been making accurate predictions on the S&P 500 and cryptocurrency markets for years.  The Midwest native made millions of dollars himself from commodity trading in the past. Today he continues earning and gives his observations free of charge via YouTube.  That free advice has made multiple millionaires and his most recent observation could be his biggest yet.   Larry Jones expects Fidelity Investments, a financial mega-institution, to enter the crypto market as soon as February 2023.

Who is Fidelity Investments and what do they do?

For the unfamiliar, the mega-influential financial organization is one of the oldest in America.  The founder of the brand was Edward Johnson II and 49% of the company is still owned by his family. 

Founded in 1946, the 77-year-old company reports in its ‘about us’ to be administering a massive US$9.6-Trillion-dollars worth of total assets from different investors from around the world.     

To put this into perspective for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the entire crypto market as of today (January 19th) holds only about US$1.1-Trillion dollars.    All coins on all crypto-exchanges, put together, would be liquidated (turned into cash) for this amount.     Fidelity Investment is administering nearly 9x that amount between discretionary and non-discretionary assets held by  the company.

What are discretionary assets vs non-discretionary?

Of that whopping US$9.6T, around 31% are discretionary assets or $3.6Trillion.

This report would indicate that US$6,000,000,000,000 (US$6T) of what Fidelity manages are non-discretionary assets.  These ‘ND’ assets are portfolios where the client controls their own trades.

The remaining $3.6-trillion-dollars of discretionary assets are managed completely by the investment company.  This means Fidelity chooses how to invest this money; including what to buy or sell, without client’s approval.  

Of course these trades are made after expert-level analysis of the targeted commodity.   The investment institution hires the best talents of  ivy-league schools and proven, high IQ traders.

Stock Up! With Larry Jones Observation

The importance of these amounts has to do with mega-brokerage’s recent filing for 2 web2 trademarks and trademark for a crypto-exchange, “Fidelity Crypto”.  The latter of the products will allow users on Fidelity to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum commission free.   And the web3 products, shows they too believe in the future of NFTs, web3, and cryptocurrency.  

Official Fidelity Crypto trademark application: view here

The trademark applications are public records, verifiable on USPTO.Gov.   The application numbers are 97727409, 97727473, and 97727439.

According to Larry Jones, an investor with an outstanding record, he believes as soon as February of 2023 the powerhouse brokerage could open its doors to crypto trading.

Such an event would lead to $9.6-trillion-dollars suddenly having access to Bitcoin and Ethereum.   Just 1/10th or 10% of its investors  investing into the two cryptocurrencies could more than double their values.      

Bitcoin has a market cap value of just $400.24-Billion-dollars today. Ethereum has a market capitalization of $184.06-Billion.   

Larry Jones Predictions on Steps to Next Crypto Bull Market Have Begun To Come True Already

Fidelity opening its doors to cryptocurrency trading will have an immense impact on the market.  It could possibly generate a bull market where prices leap to highs that would beat anything seen in 2022.

Jones says his opinion is just an opinion and not financial advice.  However,  the Crypto/Stock trader is giving his 550,000 followers factual news to fuel their own judgements.

His prediction of a major brokerage crashing before ‘Fidelity Crypto’ opens has just come true, adding more validation to his observations.   Genesis is set to file for bankruptcy this week, which will likely create a short bear market.  As prices are floored, Fidelity Investments will likely take action.   An unknown amount of $9.6-Trillion dollars will be invested into Bitcoin ($BTC) and Ethereum ($ETH).    And the expected month for this to happen is February of 2023 or possibly even the last days of January.  

Watch the full video above of Stock Up! With Larry Jones’ crypto market predictions.

His past predictions on the best times to buy and sell the $SHIB cryptocurrency have been brilliantly accurate.

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