Stock Up! Host Larry Jones Reveals SHIB’s Best Buy & Sale Prices, Made $20k Last Week

Stock Up! Host Larry Jones can be called a non-certified crypto analyst and investment advisor.   However,  his track record on giving his YouTube followers winning trades is better than most professionals.  And now it’s time for Shiba Inu token holders to pay attention to the Atlanta trader as he’s revealed SHIB’s best buy and sale prices.

This past week, the YouTuber made a big gain on cryptocurrency Shiba Inu, selling his coins at the October high of around $0.000015.    

Jones says he’s been buying Shiba Inu tokens consistently every week, while the price was under $.000010.    And he let people know, data has proven it’s not likely to pass $0.00017.  The YouTuber basically indicates that’s a ‘support level’ that SHIB will struggle to pass and if numbers stagnant around $.000015 to $0.00017, it’s better to sell and take profits.

“I’ve never lost money on Shiba Inu, because I’m disciplined,” he reminds his followers on his new video.   

Indeed, those trading on emotion instead of data tend to lose.  Non-data based trading tends to lead to – “over trading, impulsive buying and selling, missing trades, hesitation, revenge trades, trying to chase profits while losing money, joining bullish markets late, pulling profits too early, moving stops at the wrong time, or total destruction of trading accounts. according to CoinTelegraph.

Larry Jones is apparently very pro Shiba Inu token.  He’s earned ‘great money’ from trading the meme token, according to his own reports.

Best Price to Sell Shiba INU (SHIB)

If following the YouTube crypto-analyst’s advice, one would buy SHIB tokens anytime the price is under “Under 10,” and has 4 zeroes ( below $0.000010).

Jones says, “I would say it’s safe to start nibbling in this buy zone” on the data-backed low price.

By data-backed, this means historically that SHIB’s always hovered at this support level before bouncing back to a new high.

“I believe this will happen – $0.00000816” says the Stock Up! Host on the coming [recent] All-Time Low (ATL) he expects the coin to hit in the near future;  And when or if this happens, the ATL for recent months wll be a really good time to buy.

Best Price to Sell Shiba INU (SHIB)

When is the right time  to sell and grab a profit after buying?   Of course, Jones had an answer for this as well for his followers.

The cryptocurrency guru displays a data chart of crypto prices historically and says “ I believe this will happen (points out $0.000016).” 

Four zeros and a 16 at the end would indicate it’s time to sell.  If the price of Shiba Inu rises to this and hovers a while, it’s likely going to fall according to the charts. And according to Larry Jones, at that time crypto-traders should pull the greatest profit possible.

Shortly later in the video he restates the best buy and sale prices for SHIB saying, “If you buy it under 5 zeroes at 8-anything and then it runs back up to 1700 ($0.000017) right, that’s 100% [profit].” 

Or in layman’s terms, one has doubled their money.  $1-million-dollars would then be $2-million-dollars. 

Larry Jones on HODLing

And while some ShibArmy fanatics may say HODL, all of your SHIB tokens, it’s not the best for financial gain. Raking profit is better, but how much profit you want can determine the frequency of trading.

Using this data on the best price to buy and sell SHIB tokens, one thing that’s sure is that you  can stop losing money.  Just like Larry Jones, it’s possible to never go into red with Shiba Inu.

According to the “Stock Up!” host, he made over $20,000 last week  thanks to DOGE coin killer.

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