Shiba Inu Releases the game Shiba Eternity in Australia

The card collector game Shiba Eternity was just launched in Australia, according to a tweet from the decentralized cryptocurrency project, Shiba Inu.

The ShibaArmy members from Australia may download the game on the Apple App, according to the tweet. They also mentioned that the game will soon be available on the Google Play Store.

The senior developer of Shiba Inu, Shytoshi Kusama, stated that Australia is probably going to be the last test market before the official release of the SHIB CCG game, Shiba Eternity.

This was revealed by Kusama in response to a question asked by the well-known SHIB community member @shibalexander. After launching in Australia on September 17, 2022, the Shiba Eternity game became available on the Apple App Store.

“Remember this is still a testing version so please provide as much feedback and bug reporting as you can so we can make it the most amazing game we can!!”
a comment from a #Shibarmy member on Twitter

The collectible card game (SHIB CCG) of the Shiba Inu is officially titled Shiba Eternity. It also took several months to develop the game. Kusama was ecstatic to call the game “very strategic” and full of promise prior to its official release.

Shibu Inu was trying to gauge how well the game was playing all across the world. The game was first introduced in Vietnam, where it received a good impression.

Server Updates in Development

The game’s significant downloads made it clear that the game’s server capacity needed to be increased.

Users from Australia get the same chance as Vietnamese users to test and report bugs for the Shiba Eternity game early on.

The SHIB CCG game was a phenomenal hit in Vietnam, according to test reports. Sources claim that demand exceeded expectations, and the Shiba team had to increase the capacity of the game’s servers by 50 times to meet it.

Users asked for a SHIB CCG debut test in their countries, and Kusama replied that “download day” will probably be the next event.

A user from Turkey who submitted a request wrote, “The Turkish community is expecting the Shiba Eternity. When will we be able to download the game from the app store?”

Kusama said, “soon,” in response. He then clarified that everyone in the world, not only residents of particular countries, will be able to download the game. The developer claims that the Shiba team wants to demonstrate to the “shadowcats” just how powerful Shiba is.

“We are on schedule and Australia is our last test location as I’ve previously said. However, I can’t give any specific time of when the game would be available for the rest of the world to download.”

He continued by saying that he wanted the game’s download to crash the app store on launch day. The senior Shiba Inu developer also made a suggestion that SHIB Burns would be a viable gaming mechanic. But prior to the download day, he would clarify that in a different update.

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