William Siveter Bets on Shiba Inu’s Branding; SHIB Now Worth More Than Crocs & Reebok

William Bill Siveter became the ‘Ipod King’ after Apple discontinued their mp3 music player in early 2022.  He was nicknamed the royal highness of the device’s devoted followers because the Georgia-native had some of the most exclusive and hard-to-find Ipods ever created.  Now Siveter’s being heralded as a “Shib Army General,” as he’s using his new voice to spread awareness of the meme cryptocurrency’s potential and aiming to become a crypto-millionaire.

Why Siveter Thinks SHIB Is Special

“I don’t think another token has the level of support from the average joe that Shiba Inu cryptocurrency has,” said Siveter in a recent interview with CryptoMode.

He continued, “There’s always money in a brand that’s become this big.”

Bill didn’t elaborate much more.  He kept the response brief  with the crypto news blog, but  did choose to discuss more with another website, AllHipHop.

On All Hip-Hop Siveter says the brand value of SHIB is comparable to former shoe powerhouse Reebook.    And that people must view the Dogecoin Killer, how Shaquille O’Neal saw the failing shoe company, yet still purchased it with an investor group.

“The brand is so strong that Shaquille O’Neal bought it.  Why?,” questioned Siveter  to the interviewing journalist.  

The new-found Shibarmy General appeared to pose the question, to invoke thought before continuing.

“[Its] Because he knows the brand is of such high value.  It’s all about finding the proper way to apply the name to get its value to go up.” 

And Siveter’s statement on the matter is not without merit.  Apparently,  the Georgia native has years of experience in advertising and branding.  And his view on the brand’s current price of $0.00001109 is something to really look into, as most think the meme coin is not as serious as 

Bitcoin or Ethereum.   

However, $250 today can still buy 22.5-Million tokens and Siveter’s theory is in-line with some very highly touted professionals. 

Crypto Brand Value & Equity

Beyond the iPod King, more decorated business minds have beliefs that parallel William’s ideology.

David Aaker, Vice Chairman of major branding and strategy firm ‘Prophet’ has explained the rules of a strong brand’s value.   His in-depth explanation of ‘Brand Equity vs Brand Value”  indicates the Shiba Inu crtypo-currency brand has even more potential than Siveter projects.

Aaker explains, “Brand equity refers to the importance of a brand in the customer’s eyes, while brand value is the financial significance the brand carries”

In the cryptocurrency world, SHIBA Inu is a top 10 brand value by financial charts.   It has a $6-Billion-dollar market cap.    This is nearly 4-times higher than Shaq’s newly acquired sneaker brand.    Reebok only has a $1.6-billion dollar market cap.  It even tops the highly popular Crocs footwear brand market cap, which is $4.72-billion.

In layman’s words, the SHIB token title has more brand value than both the household names of Reebok and Crocs — apart and nearly together.

In relation to  brand equity, Shiba Inu cryptocurrency ranks even higher. In the world of digital currencies it’s a top 5 brand when viewed by crypto-enthusiast support. And that same support would indicate the importance is very high to that group of millions who orchestrate various rallys via groups like  ShibArmy on reddit.

SHIB token is one of the most mentioned on social media according to ValueWalk.  And the growth in usage of the brand name on social media was the biggest of all cryptocurrencies in its inception year, 2021.  It’s still growing in 2022.

All of these factors parallel the laws of a strong brand equity.

Coin Value Historically and ICO

The all-time high (ATH) of the Shiba Inu token was $0.000089. This price was reached on September 8th in 2021.

Today, just over 1 year later it sits at a price of $0.000011.

After going public, the All-time low (ATL) of SHIB was $0.000002,  a price that’s not been seen again since its going viral in April 2021.   

And according to SimpliLearn,  Shiba Inu’s Initial Coin offering (ICO) price was $0.00000000051, with 1 Quadrillion tokens being minted.    Easier to write in a word, this was an astounding number to write in digits — 1,000,000,000,000,000.  No one thought the coin would be ‘special’ but the founder Ryoshi had a major plan. 

Nearly 200-billion tokens could have been purchased with $100 (USD) at the time.  Anyone who took the gamble on Ryoshis plan and followed the HODL crowd, is a multi-millionaire in 2022.

SHIB Marketing Genius

Of the quadrillion, around half of those tokens minted and sent to ETH co-founder Vitalik Buterin.  According to Blockchain receipts, the exact number was 589-Trillion.  This was done to prove to the public the DogeCoin killer was serious and a grand publicity stunt.  Anything showing in the Ethereum founders wallet got major coverage.  The move worked luckily for Shiba Inu and a new million dollar crypto-baby was born during the moonshots boom. From there  most major media publications began to keep covering the movements by SHIB and what Vitalik did with his nearly 600-trillion SHIB tokens. 

After all tokens were minted, 50% of the remaining SHIB tokens were locked into a SHIB/ETH liquidity pool on Uniswap, a Decentralized Exchange.  It’s speculated this was done likely to help  stabilize token value and show the public, this was not a rug pull. Confirmation for true followers that Ryoshi and friends indeed had long-term plans.

Since these early days, too many influential events have passed to keep up. A few of the most clouted:

  • 5/12/2021 – $1.5-Billion in SHIB were donated to Covid relief for india by ETH’s founder  (story
  • 5/17/2021 – Vitalik next burned 410 Trillion Tokens, worth $6.7-Billion-Dollars, increasing price by 40% (story)
  • 5/19/2021 – Gets listed on Binance,  prices surged by 114% (story)
  • 9/17/2021 – Gets listed on Coinbase, sending prices surging by 30% (story)
  • 12/9/2021 – Bitpay Announce it will allow merchants to accept SHIB (story)
  • 2/9/2022 – Shiba Inu entered the MetaVerse with Shiba Lands (story) sending LEA$H Value up 40%
  • 6/2022 – Shiba Inu Ecosystem’s new crypto-coins Lea$h and Bone are Launched;  Medium explains them in detail (story)
  • 8/5/2022 – Binance added SHIB to payment card; Making it usable via credit card (story)

And as all of these events take place, SHIB’s still going through major burning.   The theory many are HODLing with is the “SHIBurn Theory.”

The notorious SHIBArmy and some very wealthy Crypto Whales who want the average Joe to win, have been sending Shiba Inu tokens to non-functioning wallets, so the tokens are out of use for ever.  The hope is that this will increase the value of the SHIB token to a new all-time high and closer to 1-cent; Though $0.01 is not likely, said by most.  Close is more like one-hundredth of a penny or $0.001.

According to SHIBBurn.com 410,381,561,404,700 tokens have been torched.     However, a whopping 559,960,434,241,279 are still in circulation.

How Much Burning For It To Be Worth 1-cent?

99% of that supply would have to be burned for Shiba Inu to reach the Shibarmy’s dream price of $0.01 or 1-cent.     

Businesses and Independent music artists have even stepped in to help with this burn goal.     

Artists like former YouTuber C.KHiD, who has several music videos with between 1-million to 3-million views have joined in the Shib Army charge just like Siveter.

“I stopped managing my catalog because major labels took over YouTube and Spotify.  They literally have their artists showing up in search for my artist name and song titles.  Even if they have less views.  It demotivated me — SHIBArmy helped me find a new purpose for my music” says C.KHiD on his reason for re-launching his music catalog on Spotify.

He continued, “If SHIBarmy supports my streaming, I know i’m helping those same people get ahead in life. If the coins are burned down far enough, maybe SHIB can create a change in the lives of some  average Joes in society. — So money made from streaming, I’ll use 50% minimum to buy SHIB.  I’ll burn all those coins.  Send it to the dead wallets. And I’ll post streaming results on Instagram for clarity.”  

The South Carolina-born rapper isn’t the only artist doing this.   There’s even Shib Burn Playlists like the one by ‘Lofi SHIB.’ 

All of these supporters add to the theory of high Brand Equity, alongside Brand Value.
William Siveter may be the iPod King to some in the Apple world but soon, the attention he is bringing to the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency’s brand value, may gain a new title.    The iPod royalty may transform into the ShibArmy General.

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