New Avalanche NFT Marketplace Sells Out On Launch

On August 15th Alpha Shares NFT Marketplace finished the 48-hour long auction of its Genesis Wolves collection.

The collection contained 10 Apex Wolves, 47 Ronin Wolves, and 100 Lone Wolves. On that date, 157 Genesis NFTs were created in an auction-style format ranging in exclusivity and rare traits used to kick start the launch of Alpha Shares NFT Marketplace

The fact that the auction generated more than double the target price is especially remarking given that investors are going through a bearish market.

The Genesis auction’s goals are to raise money and hasten the growth of the Alpha Shares marketplace into a multi-chain leader in its field.

Avalanche will be the launching blockchain. Genesis also expects to accommodate other currencies like Solana, Polygon, and Ethereum in the future.. The bear market is notoriously hard for platforms to enter. However, given the market’s recent spectacular growth, this project is one to get involved in right away.

What is Alpha Shares? 

Alpha Shares is a Web3-based NFT multichain marketplace. The company’s goal is to achieve excellence in a marketplace built around speed, technology, and community engagement.

For investors, NFT project owners, collectors, investors, and fans, Alpha Shares serves as a central meeting place. Investors can use NFT transaction sales to generate passive income.

Avalanche Updates

Like most other cryptocurrencies, Avalanche (AVAX) has been on a downward trend for the past few days.

Since the last Fed minutes, (where the United States Federal Reserve conducted their latest policy discussions), cryptocurrencies took a major hit.

After the Federal Reserve’s policy announcement, all major cryptos including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Tether, USDC, BNB, and Avalanche have had their value dropped by at least 6% since last Wednesday.

Many investors are waiting eagerly for this opportunity in order to attempt to “buy the dip” as cryptocurrencies stabilize and eventually recover from their latest hit.

Meanwhile, currencies like Avalanche who are further expanding into Web3 Blockchain technology are expected to gain further “stability” in the near future.

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