OpenSea Now Supports Avalanche NFT Marketplace

The largest NFT marketplace in the world, OpenSea, tweeted that the platform now accepts non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from the Avalanche network (AVAX). As a result, six different blockchains are supported for trade.

On October 12, Avalanche content providers will be able to exhibit, list, and trade their NFTs on the biggest NFT marketplace on the planet. By leveraging OpenSea, Avalanche creators will now be allowed to determine their own creator fees.

Along with current platforms like NFTrade and other Avalanche-focused NFT markets like Joepegs and Kalao – OpenSea users will be able to complete NFT transactions with Avalanche in less than a second and pay minimal transaction costs.

Various digital collectibles, like Chikn, TapTapKaboom, The Stoics, Castle Crush, and Open Box, can already be traded inside the market. It is hoped that further projects hosted on the Avalanche blockchain will soon be made available.

Data from Cryptoslam shows that the 24-hour NFT sales volume on Avalanche increased by 175% after the official announcement on October 11.

“On Avalanche, OpenSea users will benefit from the fastest time to finality for NFT trades,” Avalanche wrote on Medium.

Additionally, the marketplace will collaborate with other NFT Avalanche platforms like NFTrade, Kalao, and Joepegs.

OpenSea Expanding

A few weeks ago, the marketplace announced support for two additional networks: Arbitrum and Optimism. Additionally, they announced the automatic indexation of NFTs based on the Solana network (SOL).

The platform’s goals go beyond blockchain technology; most recently, a partnership with Warner Music Group was signed in order to release music.

The marketplace’s dominance of the market, however, may be compromised because, according to data from The Block, its main rival X2Y2 is starting to gain prominence on the network.

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