New Rumors of Ripple (XRP) Settling With SEC Are False

The crypto industry needs some great news after the crashing of the #2 crypto exchange, FTX.     And there were signs of this in the last 48 hours as rumors began floating that Ripple (XRP) was victorious in settling with the SEC.   It’s now confirmed however, those rumors are false.

The farce was reported by Eleanor Torrett via twitter at 10:01 am  Monday morning.

Ending False Speculations

“Per a Ripple spokesperson, this morning’s report on an expected settlement between

@Ripple and the @SECGov  tomorrow (11/15) is false. @MorningsMaria @natbrunell,” wrote the crypto journalist in her tweet.

She tagged both parties in the crypto-securities lawsuit to welcome their challenge.

Torrett also tagged the person who allegedly sparked the untrue rumor, Maria Bartiromo, hostess of Mornings with Maria.  

MWM is a popular, 3-hour TV show on the FOX business network.  The hostess talks on various aspects of the economy, every weekday at 6am.   She hosted a guest, Natalie Brunell, who claimed to be expecting a settlement between the blockchain brand and US Securities branch today.

“I know you’re expecting a settlement tomorrow in the lawsuit between the Securities & Exchange Commission [SEC] and Ripple, says the MWM host t 6:15 in a video clip shared from the show.

It’s not clear how Brunell got the misinformation but such a settlement could mean cryptocurrency is closer to regulation.   The news would also be likely to send Ripple’s native token XRP a quick jolt, with millions of dollars newly invested.

Rumor of Ripple Settling With SEC

The spreading rumor stated that the crypto blockchain would settle with the SEC on Tuesday, November 15th.   A meeting was supposedly held to iron out details and today, the public would be made aware.

Ironically, this was made during Morning With Maria’s segment on FTX crypto-exchange being a fake company and breaking trust of the public.

“It’s not. It’s a made up thing” she shouted at one point during the segment, speaking as if crypto was an investment of the delusional .

Regardless, crypto-enthusiasts still hope for Ripple to prevail in the case.  The win would set positive precedence for cryptocurrencies in the United States as a whole.

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