Obama’s Deputy Chief of Staff Bets Porsche That Bitcoin To Go Back to $60K

Former White House Deputy Chief of Staff and Messina Group CEO Jim Messina stated he is willing to wager on his Porsche when Bitcoin rises to $60,000.

During his time serving the American government, Messina was known as “the fixer”, and “the most powerful person in Washington that you haven’t heard of”, meaning that the former Deputy Chief of Staff was incremental in Obama’s presidency from the backstage of the White House.

In a Fox Business interview on Oct. 27, Messina stated that cryptocurrency is one of the most intriguing innovations of this age.

Despite the short appearance time on Fox Business on October 27, the former white house staff used his short time on television to say nothing but good things for cryptocurrencies in the future.

“Look I think blockchain and crypto is one of the most exciting developments in our lifetime,” The former White House chief of staff said during the Fox interview. “I think when this is all over we’re gonna be known [this generation] for COVID and for reimagining our financial system.”

Let alone the fact that the top cryptocurrency has lost more than 64% of its value since its October 19 of 2021 max at $64,284 – Messina said that he remains “incredibly bullish” about the possibility of Bitcoin reverting its price in the near future, he also claimed that he is currently buying more BTC.

Putting His Porsche on The Line

In fact, Messina is so confident about BTC’s value increase in the future, that when asked about why would he be so bullish about Bitcoin when the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is currently trading at a mere 20k – the former Obama said:

“I’m bullish, I’m buying Bitcoin right now,” he then continued. “I’ll bet you my Porsche it goes back to $60k, absolutely!”

Bitcoin Optimism

Jim Messina is definitely not alone in his optimistic takes regarding Bitcoin’s future.

Recently, reports from cryptocurrency analysis company “MatrixReport” stated that Bitcoin has a strong chance of going back to trading at the $60k mark in the following years, due to an event known as “halving” scheduled for 2024.

The “Bitcoin Halving” occurs when Bitcoin lowers its mining payouts in half. Even as demand grows, halvings reduce the rate at which new coins are created, reducing the amount of fresh supply accessible.

When Bitcoin’s value was halved twice in history (in July 2016 and April 2020), it acquired significant value both before and after the occurrence.

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