SuperLayer Raises $25 Million With Polygon Partnership

A blockchain venture studio called “SuperLayer” raised $25 million in funding with the help of its partnership, Layer-2 scaling solution Polygon Network.

This collaboration and financial support will aim to help SuperLayer achieve the goal of accelerating some of the most exciting Web3 platforms.

Kevin Chou and Mahesh Vellanki, managing partners of SuperLayer, are the founders of a number of well-known Web3 businesses. Some of their other ventures include blockchain gaming company Forte.

Prior to that, Kevin Chou successfully created the gaming business “Kabam”, which was bought out in 2017 for more than $800 million.

This investment from Polygon will look to give SuperLayer the chance of expanding and strengthening its ecosystem of projects, and partner with Polygon’s founding team of development.

This anchor fund investment from Polygon will provide SuperLayer with additional opportunities to expand and strengthen its ecosystem of projects, partner with founding teams on development, and provide access to the funding needed to scale up goods and services that cater to the demands of customers everywhere.

What is SuperLayer?

SuperLayer is a community of entrepreneurs, founders, investors, operators, and product managers with a love for cryptocurrencies. This web3 company has developed several businesses from scratch.

Their website claims that SuperLayer’s goal is to build a community of builders creating transformative web3 experiences

SuperLayer is dedicated to establishing the next wave of businesses that expand Web3 to general markets. The Taki platform, funded by SuperLayer, just released its beta version. Taki is a token-powered social network that has attracted over 750,000 users globally since its April 2022 launch.

Polygon Continues to Expand its Presence in Web3

Polygon is arguably the most active leading blockchain development Platform today. Recently, the layer 2 scaling solution announced a collaboration with PolkaPet World in order to create an exclusive line of NFTs inspired by India’s most iconic large cats.

In the recent past, the platform powered by the MATIC token has collaborated with several high-profile companies in the creation of NFT collections. Among some of Polygon’s collaborations are Draft Kings, Dolce&Gabbana, the NFL, Adobe, and also Meta (formerly known as Facebook).

Polygon and Meta’s collaboration was one of the biggest Web3 news at the time. One of the world’s largest companies picked Polygon as the platform to integrate NFTs on Instagram.

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