Anthony Hopkins Sells Out NFT Collection in Hours

At 84 years young, Anthony Hopkins is still one of the biggest stars in the world.

To say that the actor has had an illustrious career is putting it lightly. Hopkins is widely considered among the best actors of our generation – winning the Academy Award for “best actor” two times in his career.

His first Oscar came in 1992 for his iconic portrayal of Hanibal Lecter in “Silence of The Lambs” – and the other came very recently in 2021, for his portrayal of an aging father in the drama “The Father”.

Recently, Hopkins decided to immortalize his iconic characters in the form of an exclusive NFT collection.

The “The Eternal” collection, which debuted on OpenSea, draws inspiration from the several roles Michael Hopkins portrayed during his cinematic career.

Technical difficulties brought on by the surging high demand of users looking to purchase the NFTs resulted in a delay in the event, which was initially slated for 3 pm Eastern Time but was eventually delayed by around 45 minutes.

Hopkins’ NFT Sold Out In a Brief

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