Crypto Coin Opps Giving Away $SHIB Tokens Tomorrow, 1/11

Actual SHIB Token on Laptop keypad
Actual SHIB Token on Laptop keypad
Actual SHIB Token on Laptop keypad Ⓒ 2023 – Crypto Coin Opps

Shiba Inu vibes have been strong and positive entering 2023.     To celebrate the cryptocurrency world and give back to supporters, CryptoCoinOpps will host a $SHIB giveaway tomorrow, January 11th.

“The giveaway is a random event that we’re doing to encourage readership of our site and celebrate it, along with supporting the Cryptocurrency world,”  reads a tweet on the sudden lottery.

And it likely won’t be the last.   It continues, “We may do this quarterly.”

Details of the drawing are nonexistent. It will simply be the giveaway of a few dollars worth of cryptocurrency token $SHIB to various people who retweet & reply to a post by CCO Wednesday.

Giveaway Requirements

Those randomly selected must meet the following requirements:

Follow @CryptoCoinOpps on twitter

Subscribe to the Crypto Coin Opps Reddit or Telegram

Follow both @SHIBToken and @ShibariumNet on twitter

Wallets will be requested privately via DM if selected. No purchases or submissions required. No other brand(s) is in conjunction with giveaway.

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