Disney’s Most Recent Job Posting Indicates Plans for NFT and Crypto Projects

On Friday, The Walt Disney Company issued a job offering for a principle counsel focusing on non-fungible tokens (NFT) and decentralized finance (DeFi), indicating the company’s larger Web3 development across the Disney ecosystem.

The full-time post – located inside the Walt Disney Company’s legal department – requires an experienced corporate attorney to “work on transactions using new technologies, such as NFTs, blockchain, metaverse, and decentralized finance.”

The role would be responsible for providing direction on “global NFT goods” across the company’s business divisions, including Disney Media and Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products, as well as ensuring compliance with the US and foreign laws and regulations.

The role would specifically “examine securities legislation problems in connection with the advertising and sale of NFTs.”

Additionally, the advertisement includes assessing NFT initiatives, blockchain networks, third-party markets, and cloud providers, as well as giving legal advice on digital currency and blockchain technology.

The new recruit will work with various legal and business teams, including product, engineering, technology, and intellectual property, and will “engage with business teams as they design new global emerging technology initiatives, generally on an expedited and aggressive pace.”

In recent months, Disney has increased its recruiting of Web3-focused executives to integrate crypto aspects into its many business departments.

Mike White, a media and technology expert, was named senior vice president of next-generation storytelling and consumer experiences in February to manage the company’s metaverse strategy.

Variety got a message from CEO Bob Chapek in which he stated that White will be in charge of integrating experiences in the “real and digital worlds,” and referred to the metaverse as “the next great narrative frontier.”

At the same earnings conference, Chapek highlighted the company’s next five years, noting that Disney’s Web3 aspirations were “less of a passive kind experience where you simply have playback” and “more of an interactive lean forward, actively involved sort of experience.”

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