FCFPay Adds SHIB! Pay Amazon & NetFlix With Shiba Inu Now

Shiba Inu (SHIB) saw some major milestones this weekend! For those who shop and Amazon and live by their Netflix subscription, you can now use SHIB to cover these expenses. A shock to some, but it is correct. All users have to do is load up there crypto on a FCFPay Visa card and shop as you wish, until the heart is content.

After FCFPay made this announcement three months ago, scores of other merchants began to follow suit. Specifically, 5 million online stores stretched across 195 nations will now accept payment via SHIP, BONE, and LEASH tokens.

For those who donate to causes they believe in, Shiba tokens are becoming more widely accepted by such organizations. A top digital fundraising platform, The Giving Back, is now accepting SHIB for donations. A top cause of this network is raising funds for the Virunga national park, the oldest such park on the continent of Africa.

These weren’t the only developments as of late. The market’s seventh largest Shiba Inu whale has been rather bust for the past week. This entity has been making enormous purchases this week, including 96.74 billion tokens in just one transaction.

The top dog of SHIB investors added another 322 billion tokens to their wallet between October 13-21. This increase took place across nine transactions with the largest purchase being 131.63 units for the price of almost $1.4 million.

That means this particular SHIB whale now owns a whopping 15.63 trillion units with a worth of about $155 million. Yet the renowned blockchain analytics firm WhaleStats just revealed that the largest amount of SHIB tokens are held by the top 500 Ethereum whales.

For those who cannot affort to scoop up billions of tokens in one fell swoop, there is some good news. These breakthroughs have not affected the price of SHIB. In fact, its price as of October 21 was down by 2.48% in 24 hours. Over the previous seven days, it had dropped 7.43%

If there was an optimal time to buy, this could be it. To maximize a return on investment, the concept is to buy low and sell high. The crypto industry is a wild ride, but bullish patterns indicate an upward trajectory that could lead to handsome profits for minimal investments.

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