ZTX Metaverse Project Giving New Users A Free Land Plot

ZTX Metaverse Game

Web3 is here.   The metaverse is wide open and adds new dimensions every month.   Headlines have been from an NFT home sold in South Carolina to world-famous Walt Disney hiring a principal counsel for non-fungible tokens.  These topics are making one thing clear — It’s  a new era & now entrepreneurs must  try their hand.  One project that may be the perfect opportunity to learn is ZTX, a metaverse project that’s giving away virtual land plots to new users.

How To Get ZTX Land Free

To get free land, one must register on the official ZTX website.  After registering, the new user must ‘claim’ their land.

After a new user owns land in this metaverse world, there will be various ways to develop on it.

Early players will be able to participate in  a genesis home NFT sale.   In this event,  4000 homes will be offered via Magic Eden, a popular NFT marketplace.   Owners of these virtual homes will have access to exclusive features, boosts to economic activities, and be able to build additional assets faster.

Or in short, if you own a home in ZTX, you’re a ‘big bank’ compared to a free land owner or “little bank.”   And as the old saying goes, “Big bank takes little bank,” as homeowners get privy access in this web3 game.

However, free is still an opportunity.   That free virtual land may be worth something if someone develops nearby.  And the founders hope people understand this is an opportunity or all.   How much you spend does not matter, there’s something for everyone.

“We’re delighted to debut our genesis home mint on Magic Eden. We’re building a metaverse for all with mass adoption in mind and it was important for us to create a place where users can come and enjoy without worrying about price tags – a place that users can call home,” said Co-CEO of ZTX, Chris Jang.

In-Game Features

The land available in this metaverse will be unlimited and free for all, regardless of their location.

Users will also have an avatar, which represents their actual living person in the metaverse.

Genesis homes will be customizable and an in-game asset, just as actual real estate in the physical world.   A user’s avatar can enter a home, decorate bedrooms and other living quarters, and  sell a home to another NFT collector.

And most importantly, a ZTX avatar (user) can host a community event or party.     A virtual fiesta at your virtual home.

Genesis homes will go on sale in December.  The specific launch date will be reported via the official website.   

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